AD: Jake Shimabukuro Teaches ‘Ukulele: Live Now!

MasterClass is excited to announce its newest class launch, Jake Shimabukuro Teaches 'Ukulele. Called the "Jimi Hendrix of 'ukulele," Jake Shimabukuro won worldwide acclaim for his fresh and fearless musical interpretations. Now he's sharing his approach so anyone can experience the joys of the 'ukulele, from the simple chords that make up hundreds of songs to … Continue reading AD: Jake Shimabukuro Teaches ‘Ukulele: Live Now!

AD: Grammarly’s New Beta

Have you ever sent an email with good intentions, but the recipient misunderstood or felt offended in some way by what you wrote? While many of us have become better at getting messages across, there is always room for improvement. Getting guidance on tone can also assist those who speak English as a second language. … Continue reading AD: Grammarly’s New Beta

AD: Your Back to School Design HQ

Prepping for the school year isn’t easy this time around. Searches for “online learning” grew by 450% in March and they’re peaking again. With many families navigating virtual and hybrid lesson plans, here’s what’s trending on this year’s back to school list: Teacher appreciation giftsAt-home learning necessitiesWall decor Check out these products our customers are loving. Share … Continue reading AD: Your Back to School Design HQ