Christian Doula Certification


In late 2020 I will be offering a full Christian Doula Certification program titled Proverbs 31:25 Doula. This course will be self-paced and cover Birth, Postpartum, and Babyloss doula services. This course is heavy in reading, essays, and special assignments. I have been deeply called to this mission.

Why choose the Proverbs 31:25 Doula Program?

I have been a doula since 2009 and through my work and relationship with Christ, I have not seen a course yet that suits my passion for helping mothers and Jesus. I have spent a lot of time researching, reading, and gathering as much knowledge as possible to make this the best Christian Doula Certification I can. When you complete my Christian Doula Certification you will feel confident and ready to serve women through Christ.

This special doula certification program has been personally designed by myself, a Christian homeschooling mother of 5 children, a sleeping Angel, and many lost babies I never had the opportunity to meet. I have ten years of trained experience as a doula and many more years of experience helping growing families in the postpartum setting. I have been The Irish Lily Doula serving military families in California for 3 years and serving all families in Maine since 2013.

The Proverbs 31:25 Doula program is research and literary-based with bible reflections included in each section.  You will have personal contact with the creator of this program and individualized attention. You will complete this program with the ability to serve many different types of families and mothers with different preferences with ease and confidence, God leads every step of the way.

This is my mission, my ministry. I will not be charging the traditional $300-$2000 to complete this doula program. Essentially you could say my program is ‘free’ but this is not a ‘free’ doula program. You will need to be accepted into the program, you will need to do all the assignments and pass them, you will need to do all the reading and research, you will have to do the work. I would be doing a disservice to mothers and doulas if I just gave something this important away. I have prayed countless hours on how to present and run this program and I believe strongly that this is how it should be run.

If you are interested in reserving your spot to become a Proverbs 31:25 Doula through the knowledge of the Irish Lily Doula please FILL OUT THIS FORM .


Please fill out this form to reserve your spot in the Provers 31:25 Doula Program:

Reservation Form

100% self paced, 100% pro-life, 100% Christian.

If you would like to help offset the costs that may be occurring with running this program please visit Continue to Give or text 4849761 to 715-803-4772.

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