Gifts for Parents of Baby and Child Loss

Free Gifts for Parents of Baby and Child Loss
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I am a mother of loss. I have buried one baby who was born to soon and have had many miscarriages. What I am saying to you is, I’ve been there. And there is hard. Yes, I am very lucky enough to have 5 children now. The journey was not without pain and struggle, those times, my daughter’s stillbirth, is something I still think about every day.

Let me lift you up. Let me make a gift for you or for someone you know that says ‘I remember. I will say their name. You are not alone.’ Even when you feel like your heart can’t take another day, know you have a tribe of mothers who are standing with you.

Whether it has been one day or ten years if you feel like you, or someone you know, needs, or deserves, a gift to remember their beloved child please feel free to request one.

Every gift will be a unique hand embroidered keepsake to remember your child in Heaven.

Please feel even more compelled to request a gift in memory of a birthday or for Mother’s day for a grieving mother. Also, October is national babyloss awareness month and I will gladly make a gift for those who have been affected by loss.

Fill out this form to request a gift to be mailed to you or someone you know who has lost a baby. We are all in the same tribe and I am honored you will let me do my small part to remember your baby and honor another mother.


If you would like to support my mission to provide all those affected by the loss of a baby with a gift please text 4849761 to the number 715-803-4772 and donate through the continue to give program.




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