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Paperback, Kindle
“A beautiful work of art, both in poetry and artwork, from the deepest corners of a mother’s heart.” -Kat Caldwell author of An Audience with the King and Push a Pencil
“In a world that is so broken and negative, affirming that the girls and women in our lives are whole, wonderful beings is so important. They are perfect as they are. It’s the biggest gift we can give them. I will be giving this to my grown daughters, as a reminder. And to my granddaughter, so she knows how wonderful and what a special gift she is!” -Lisa Cartier, Women’s Health Practitioner and Doula with Women’s Integrative Health
“Mrs. Mitchell wrote a touching and moving piece with intentionality and love in every word. This book moved me to tears as I soaked in the words that I am “planned, complete, enough, and wondrous”. It is so easy to forget we were once young girls filled with life, warmth, and wonder. I am inspired to find ‘that girl’ within myself today!” -Erin Borrett writer at Broken Not Broke
You are Wondrous is a beautiful and encouraging poem written for growing girls and women. This poem was written to help encourage, guide, and spread strength and love to our daughters who are growing up. The artwork in this book has been created out of news articles that were features about women in Maine accomplishing amazing things and doing good in the world. The poem and art were inspired by the author’s two daughters and titled by her oldest daughter. This book was specially designed to provide an ease of reading experience for those who need a large typeface and for those who may have dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia. To all the daughters in this wonderful world, ‘You are smart, you are brave. You have the sun in your hands’.

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Summer Haikus from Lincoln, Maine
By Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell
Take a summer stroll with Maine poet Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell and explore what summer is like in Lincoln, Maine.

Paperback, Kindle
Carry Me Along by Ashley Elizabeth Mitchell is a single poem broken up by photography of nature in Maine. Carry Me Along is a comforting poem geared toward children about grief and death. Take a step back and relax in the Maine woods and allow the comforting words of Carry Me Along to help in the coping process of grief. Carry Me Along is easy to read for all ages and is geared for children, teens, and adults alike. There are helpful resources at the end of the book for parents to help with the grief process. This book was created with the author’s 5 children in mind as they all were learning how to cope with the loss of so many loved ones in one season.

Paperback, Kindle
Lost Poems of a Functioning Mother The Endless Journey of Babyloss. A collection of poetry written by a mother of living, stillborn, and miscarried children. This is a collection of poetry that has been written through the never-ending journey of birthing a stillborn baby and living in the situation every day while raising living children. Ashley, a mother of living children as well as a daughter who was stillborn, shares her journey of coping with losing a baby while raising her other children and giving birth after her loss. This collection is truthful, unfiltered, and not sugar-coated. This collection explains the real pain and confused feelings that occur with babyloss. Ashley’s goal with her collection is to show the longlasting effects of babyloss and to show other mothers that they are not alone and their feelings are valid. This collection has over 40 poems of grief, acceptance, coping, wonderment, and emotions of losing a child.