No Birthday Left Behind

I understand times get hard and there are hardships all over. Whether you are well off or not, things can get tight. That is why I have started the No Birthday Left Behind program. I am combing my favorite hobby, embroidery, with my favorite cause, helping people. If you are in need of a gift, whether it is for one of your children, a friend, or family member, please fill out this form and I will send a handmade item, at no charge for you.

No Birthday should be left behind, a struggle, or forgotten. Please let me make something to help.

Every gift will be handmade once I receive the request. Please allow up to three weeks for a gift to be made and mailed out to you. Every gift will be unique.

Thank you for allowing me to do this for you.

If you’d like to support the no Birthday Left Behind project text 4849761 to the number 715-803-4772 and donate through the continue to give program.