2018 Kindness Calendar

I know it is February 12th, 2 days before Valentines Day. A week ago I submitted my 2018 Kindness Calendar to a few of the worksheet sites I am apart of and today I am very excited to share my 2018 Kindness Calendar for you to use! It took me over a month to put this calendar … Continue reading 2018 Kindness Calendar

When You Feel The Lord Pulling At Your Heart

Do you ever feel the Lord pulling at your heart? Pulling at your mind? Telling you to do something? When you feel Jesus telling you to do something, pushing you with more weight than you ever felt, what do you do? Do you wait? Do you have a 24-hour rule? Does it depend what it … Continue reading When You Feel The Lord Pulling At Your Heart

10 Gifts Your Teen Will Love

Teens are not easy to shop for. I feel like technology does not help this a bit now. I want to get the teens in my life something nice, they deserve it, but I can't ever afford the things they are interested in or want. I decided to dig deep. By digging deep I mean … Continue reading 10 Gifts Your Teen Will Love